The evolution of SPENDiD

For years SPENDiD’s founder, Craig Hill, wanted to create an automated way to put financial peace of mind within reach of the masses who dread, avoid, or abandon traditional cash flow planning and budgeting processes.

After 38 years in accounting and finance, 20 at the CFO level, he finally found time to do it. But SPENDiD is not just another budgeting app. At SPENDiD, we believe a simple, forward-looking budget perspective is essential for positive and lasting change to occur. These steps cannot be skipped, but they also don’t have to be difficult. Yes, that could be an automated “done for you” budget (which SPENDiD offers), or it could be the previously unknown recognition of a specific action needed to get back on track to a greater ability to save and long-term financial health.

Easily embedded on any partner website, the SPENDiD Web Application strengthens the bond between provider and end-user by offering addictive, recurring engagement and a simpler path to budget clarity, confidence, and financial peace of mind. SPENDiD uncovers beneficial opportunities for end-users and SPENDiD partners, radically simplifying what until now was a dreaded task to be put off or avoided completely. SPENDiD helps bring about the best of all worlds – one where everybody wins.

Meet the SPENDiD Team

Craig Hill

Founder and CEO

Craig spent 20+ years as a CFO, primarily in the steel industry. Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand, actionable intelligence has always been one of Craig’s professional passions.  This is what led him to spend two years building and refining the data and logic which evolved into the SPENDiD REST API and cloud-based web application. Craig believes that well-thought-out data and technology can remove the paid and drudgery of budgeting and enable win-win solutions for everyone involved.

Pawan Panwar

Chief Technical Officer

Pawan is the CEO & Founder of Creative Buffer, a leading software development and consultancy firm in Chandighar, India. Since taking on the CTO role at SPENDiD as well during 2021, Pawan has become as passionate about SPENDiD and its mission as Craig is (well, almost). Pawan hopes one day to bring SPENDiD to the vast Indian market. Creative Buffer’s deep bench of technical talent has become an integral part of SPENDiD.

Ed Kang


Ed is a globally recognized Executive Coach and Registered Organization Development Consultant (RODC) focused on incubating, accelerating, and funding startups to scale-ups across North America and China. Ed is Craig’s “Sherpa Advisor as Coach” through SPENDiD’s affiliation with Startups.com.

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