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Are you focused on converting branch customers to digital users? Not just once-in-a-while users, but permanent digital users? This should be an initiative of every financial institution. Whether it’s an older customer who has never used online banking before social distancing, or a digital user who adds activity through expanded features, these customers represent opportunities for your institution.

Converting digital users into lasting relationships takes work

Imagine this: your customer is familiar with checking their balance in-app, but not so confident depositing checks. You teach them how easy it is to deposit checks via mobile, and you gain a sticker relationship with them.

Or, a customer loves the ease of mobile deposits, but is not familiar with adding their card to a digital wallet in order to use PayPal or Apple Pay. When they learn to use this feature, they are much more likely to think of your institution as synonymous with digital banking!  By helping your customers realize how easy it is to bank digitally, you encourage loyalty, and make the relationship stronger.

So, what are other reasons beyond these more well-known ones you can give digital banking users (especially new ones) to continue to engage with your platform again and again, well after onboarding, and for more reasons than checking an account balance?

SPENDiD Delivers Another Equally Valuable Reason

SPENDiD’s unique and addictive solution helps encourage digital banking usage and loyalty through simple automated budget creation, periodic review of the user’s SPENDiD Score for a cash-flow health check-up, or to quickly and easily seek wisdom for “what-if” decision making at life’s milestones such as a move or when considering a major purchase. If the account holder knew that instant feedback was just a few clicks away in your platform, proven behavioral science tells us they will return again and again to satisfy their natural curiosity and get quick answers to life’s “cash-flow” questions. Plus, each added “touch” cultivates greater and greater dependency and loyalty. This beneficial impact can be offered simply by the digital banking platform that commits to being “Powered by SPENDiD”.

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