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HR and related industries are on the front lines in America’s fight for financial health, whether they realize it or not. Bradley Swain of the Common Cents Lab at Duke University used a similar opening line in his excellent and prophetic article in the summer of 2018 speaking to this fact. Since then, the global pandemic has only added greater stress for millions of low to middle-income Americans, especially hourly wage earners and “gig-workers” struggling with income volatility, low savings rates, and high personal debt. HR executives have a unique opportunity, and some might say an obligation, to make a positive impact on the financial health of their employees and contractors by leveraging the rapidly advancing technology already available to them…with much more innovation on the way.

Too many HR related product managers don’t seem to appreciate (or use) this power for good.  Simple to offer plug-and-play solutions are available already – with ever improving alternatives coming along almost daily. The key to choosing the right one? Here’s our opinion:

  1. Engaging to the Point of Being Addictive
  2. Automates mundane and routine tasks wherever possible
  3. Simplifies and Improves the Financial Lives of
  4. Your Employee Audience

Yes, it’s a play on the old “K.I.S.S.” acronym – KEEP IT SIMPLE “SILLY” (I try to never call anyone stupid😊). The days of requiring employees or applicants to navigate a maze of badly printed forms, lousy performing onboarding websites, or finding themselves lost in “navigation purgatory” are gone – at least for the winners in their respective industries.

Another buzz-phrase for user experience simplicity is “reduced friction.” So get rid of friction, solve a pervasive financial health problem that a large portion of your team struggles with, and you’ve got a potentially successful solution that could make a positive difference in your employees’ lives.

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