After baby #1, I killed myself in training.

After baby #1, I killed myself in training. I was determined to get back to pre-baby weight as soon as possible. I trained in the morning, I trained in the afternoons, I would even train in the evenings at times. When I wasn't training, I was walking with him in the stroller. I walked all over the base, day and into the night. I was relentless.

We moved across the country when he was 5 months old. Eating well while traveling, and still nursing, is a challenge. But we did it. We moved from the southeast, to the northwest. We went from 50* winters that lasted a couple months, to -23* winters that lasted 6 months solid. Every day that it wasn't below zero, we got outside for at least a walk around the block. I don't know who needed to be outside more, him or me.

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The day we rolled up to our new abode, there was at least three feet of snow on top of a few inches of ice. Where had we moved? It's a place that you learn a lot about yourself and the human spirit. The field that this base's main priority is, is incredibly demanding on the troops and their families. I've seen many a marriage crumble, hang by a thread, and more families than I care to count without a dad for days on end. It's considered "deployed in place." Meaning, these guys and girls trek out to the middle of nowhere (from the middle of nowhere already), to work. They spend more time with their peers than with their families. They might as well be deployed overseas. Having a husband come home for three days and then be gone for four days at a time, presents it's own can of worms.

I've discovered how truly blessed I am. To spite my husband also having a demanding job, I've realized just how dedicated he is to our family and what his true priorities are. I've learned that in spite of time constraints and adverse weather, we are still a wildly successful team.

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