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What is the most desired physique of a women? Yes, every single female is different and everyone has a different idea of how they believe their body should look. However after a while working in the fitness industry I can certainly tell you the most sought after body image goes along the lines of long, lean and 'toned'.


Alright so I have to admit this is one of my least favorite words to use and I have had to learn to get along with it for the sakes of my beautiful clients. Toned simply means to have a lean body which shows some muscle definition. So how do you get toned? YOU BUILD MUSCLE. I would love if girls could understand this more, don't be so afraid of building muscle because that IS essentially what toning your body is.

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The most desired physique of a women is simply achieved by getting into that weight room and lifting some iron.

HOLD ON! Weights make you big and bulky don't they?

.. (insert straight face emoji)

It is physiologically impossible for us, as women, for put on large amounts of muscle mass, our bodies hormonal makeup will not allow us to do so. Our bodies are hormonally made to look like WOMEN.Women bodybuilders are generally taking something that will modify their hormones and change their bodies chemistry, allowing them to grow excessive muscle and get that 'big' look (but in order to not offend female body builders, they still train extremely hard and eat to perfection to be able to gain the physique they are after).

Therefore no matter how you train, how often you train, how much protein you eat YOU WILL NOT COME EVEN CLOSE TO BEING BULKY.

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