"Deaf Zambians do not need to live with restricted dreams and...

Frances utilized his exchange to the U.S. to experience new technology and learn about disability inclusion in employment and education.

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His words ring true in light of a recently released book Higher Education in Africa: Equity, Access, Opportunity, published by the Institute of International Education. This book dedicates two chapters to analysis of disability inclusion at African universities.

One of the most interesting chapters focuses on Egypt and Kenya. Digging up hard-to-find disability statistics, it shows students with disabilities represent less than 1% of college students in both countries.

Some of the specific findings include:

  • Deaf students and sign language services are largely absent in both countries higher education institutions compared to students who are blind or those with physical disabilities.
  • With few exceptions, university students with disabilities are regulated by admission policies to studying arts/humanities, law and other theoretically-based studies in Egypt, and Kenyan students with disabilities primarily choose the education field for best employment prospects.

This article, and the second chapter on universal distance learning in Nigeria, also looks at other factors affecting educational access and suggests issues to tackle, such as student retention. Solutions range from programmatic to attitudinal to structural to policy, and are part of larger challenges expressed in the publication and on recent blogs looking at the situation in Egypt.

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