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Today marks 12 weeks out from my competition. Getting back into a regular training routine this past week was definitely tiring, but it felt good. This week I did 4 fasted cardio sessions (30 mins each); 2 HIIT, 2 steady state. I also did 4 resistance training sessions. I went back to competition dieting I generally go dairy & gluten free, as I've always felt that eating this way makes me feel less bloated and allows me to she'd fat more easily. I make sure to eat my last meal at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Something that I always notice when I'm training and dieting this way is that I need my sleep. I need a minimum of 8 solid hours (preferably 9); anything less and I start to feel run down very quickly. This is a challenge for me because I am naturally a night owl. Even if I feel tired during the day, come 11 p.m. I will feel wide awake and not have any urge to go to bed. So for me, making myself go to bed on time requires some discipline but it's definitely worth it to feel more rested in the morning and to recover better from my training.

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I think that each week I'll talk a little bit about the highs and lows of the past week, and what I want to work on for next week. It also occurred to me that if I'm posting progress pics, some people might be interested in my weight as well. So, here goes:

The highs : lifting heavier on my squat than I have in awhile. I went down to 5RM (RM = repetition maximum; in this case, it means the heaviest weight that I could lift for 5 consecutive repetitions with good form), which is a lower rep range than I usually go. It was a great challenge, and I felt strong and powerful!

The lows : Waking up early for morning cardio 4 times. I haven't been doing it for the past couple of months, so it doesn't feel like a routine yet. I know from experience that it will get easier.

Things to work on for next week : Getting to bed on time every night, allowing for 8-9 hours sleep.

Weight last week (Week 13) : 142.2 lbs

Weight this week (Week 12) : 139.2 lbs I was surprised that I lost 3 lbs this week. I suspect that some of that was the post-holiday bloat going away now that I'm back to a clean diet. However, I only want to be losing 1-2 lbs per week, so I will be monitoring this to make sure I'm not losing weight too quickly, as I don't want to risk losing any hard-earned muscle in the process.

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