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In recent years, more employers have been adopting programs centered around “financial wellness,” and for good reason – it encourages their employees’ awareness of money and a healthy relationship with finances.

But a key aspect has been missing, until now. “Employees who rate their financial wellness positively are more likely to feel that they can effectively manage their day-to-day finances, pay bills while saving for future goals, and that their retirement savings are on track.” found ​a recent Bank of America report.​So, employees have demonstrated that they want to feel secure about their current and future financial health – and over half say they want reassurance about financial decisions.
This is where SPENDiD comes in. We created SPENDiD out of a desire to help reverse the alarming trend of financial illiteracy, including the resulting stress caused by uncertainty and a lack of demographic perspective on spending behavior. Based on carefully structured peer data, our API technology is thoughtfully designed to help improve the general spending habits of the end user by making budgeting and financial decision making radically simple – even addictive.

Suddenly, making ends meet now actually makes sense.

​Not only does a simple to use financial wellness program like SPENDiD improve your workforce’s satisfaction with their overall benefits package, but with this sound financial health comes increased focus and productivity at work and lower stress related health costs.

Do you have a financial wellness program? Bolster your employees’ financial health by offering them access to SPENDiD. Our predictive, crowd-validated consumer spending intelligence helps the user understand their monthly budget health in ways never-before possible. Reach out to us through the Let’s Talk page at www.spendid.io and let us show you how easy it can be to make a crucial, positive difference in the lives of your employees and their families.

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SPENDiD strives to spread financial peace of mind to the masses who dread, avoid, or abandon traditional budgeting processes.

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