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What we do

SPENDiD offers radically simple budget perspective. This means the impact of important spending and saving decisions is made clear in easy to understand terms, through the power of peer data validation.

"Done For You" Budgeting

"Done For You" Budgeting

SPENDiD brings you a giant step closer to budget clarity and confidence using simple, peer-guided budget creation and refinement. Using a simple fill-in-the-blank process flow, there actually is a shortcut to financial success!
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Cash Flow Health Scoring

Cash Flow Health Scoring

SPENDiD offers unique and addictive scoring metrics indicating your relative cash-flow health and predicted saving ability.
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Peer Comparison Insight

Peer Comparison Insight

SPENDiD is pioneering the powerful application of smartly sourced “crowd-wisdom” theory and relative spending behavior. This means you'll quickly see personalized insights on your specific budget circumstances vs your demographic peers.
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EMPLOYERS, FINANCIAL PLANNERS & OTHERS:  Put financial peace of mind and greater well-being in reach of your employees, clients, or other audiences with SPENDiD, and enjoy the positive impact on everyone’s bottom line.and enjoy the positive impact on everyone’s bottom line.

Who We Help

College Students

Recent Graduates

The first years of being financially responsible for yourelf can be lonely and stressful, mainly due to the unknown. SPENDiD puts things in simple perspective, helping you make smarter money decisions, and enjoy greater financial peace of mind.

Financial Planners


Put financial peace of mind and greater well-being in reach of your clients, employees, or other audiences with SPENDiD, and enjoy the positive impact, EVERBODY WINS!

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77 Million Struggling Households

77 million U.S. households live paycheck to paycheck.  Most are looking for easy-to-understand solutions to help remove the mystery of how best to relieve their financial stress in the near term.  

​Along with this desire are dramatically shortened attention spans and intolerance for complex solutions that often just make the stress worse. Not surprisingly, the “firehose” of financial literacy tools, programs, and content being blasted through multiple technologies leaves everyone longing for one thing above all else…SIMPLICITY.

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Ready to adopt web application

SPENDiD is ready to deliver greater clarity and financial peace of mind to anyone. Especially those who dread, avoid, or abandon traditional budgeting processes. Watch this demonstration of the radically simple difference SPENDiD can make:

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What is SPENDiD®?

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We always strive for elaborate results and do our best for our clients

Personalized Spending Behavior Insights

SPENDiD has mastered the powerful application of properly sourced “crowd-wisdom” theory and relative spending behavior. This empowers you to offer users a simple yet tremendously valuable perspective on their cash-flow health, plus create personalized messaging and marketing customized to their specific needs.

Automated "Done for You" Digital Budgeting

You can now bring the customer or employee a giant step closer to autonomous finance using simple, peer guided budget creation and refinement. Powered by a simple Q&A process flow, there actually is a short-cut to financial success!

Innovative Cash Flow Health & Risk Metrics

SPENDiD offers a unique and addictive scoring metric indicating to the end user or SPENDiD client the relative strength of the User’s cash flow health. These scores can be presented in numeric terms, or in a traditional A-F grading scale, or both. Click the Risk Metrics button below to learn more.

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Grounded in Actual Experience

SPENDiD was born out of a sincere desire to help solve ​the overwhelming and alarming downward trend of financial aptitude. For millions of Americans this crisis is rooted in their lack of simple cash-flow health awareness, and no demographically validated  perspective as to where they stand, good or bad, with regards to their realistic chances of building savings. Without authentic financial awareness, made simple to engage and return to frequently, there is little hope of progress toward improved outcomes. 

SPENDiD’s founders possess a unique set of life experiences, skills and career stops inspiring them to envision a solution for what they knew to be a massive gap in the personal finance market. So, they set out to do something about it.  


Simple to Use,
Hard to Create

Two years of research and development later, the result is technology carefully designed to help improve the budget awareness and general spending habits of the end user by making the task of budgeting radically simple and almost addictive. Client adoption of SPENDiD’s web application or API helps graduates, customers or employees take a giant step closer to greater budget awareness – ONLY THEN can financial literacy training have any beneficial impact toward a more peaceful, productive and fulfilling life.

SPENDiD’s data intelligence is also beneficial for helping financial institutions and related industries structure marketing in such a way that the right financial products or advice are targeted to the right audiences – everybody wins. 

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Our Mission

To improve the financial health of average Americans through radically simple cash flow health awareness, budget automation, and peer comparative insight.

Financial “adulting” just got a lot easier.  

Are you a developer or financial institution? Ask us how SPENDiD’s data intelligence API can be accessed to build custom fintech products to solve your consumer finance related challenges.

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